Leading holistic dentist provides cosmetic dentistry for patients in the Williamsburg 23188 area

Dr Evans holistic dentist provides cosmetic dentistry for patients

It is natural and understandable to want a dazzling and appealing smile. Our smiles express the joys of friendship, life, and family. When we smile, we exude friendliness, compassion, and happiness. As we age, or as a result of accidents, illnesses, or genetics, our smiles may lose sparkle over time. With the advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques and materials, there are many options to help improve the appearance and functionality of an individual’s teeth and smile. Many patients, however, may be concerned about the materials that are used in traditional cosmetic dentistry. Some of the old porcelains contain aluminum silicates, but the newer cosmetic materials are some of the most biocompatible.

Why choose an experienced holistic dental practice for cosmetic treatments?

At Evans Dental Care, serving Williamsburg, Newport News, and the Virginia Peninsula, Dr. Peter Evans focuses on each patient’s overall health and wellness. Holistic dentistry embraces a philosophy of providing the most appropriate, gentle, and safe dental treatments that will help our patients to feel and look their very best.

As a nationally-acknowledged leader in BioCompatible and holistic dental care, Dr. Evans has dedicated his career to educating his patients and his peers on the relationships between optimal oral health and physical wellness. Using BioCompatible materials and holistic treatments, Evans Dental Care offers our patients many cosmetic options to enhance the appearance of their teeth while maintaining maximum oral health and hygiene, including:

  • Metal-free implants, crowns, and bridges – loss of teeth, whether one, several, or all, can have a profound impact on a patient’s self-esteem, appearance, and overall wellbeing. The materials and technologies available today offer patients safe and natural-looking alternatives to restore their healthiest and happiest smiles.
  • BioCompatible veneers – misshapen, dull, or crooked teeth can easily be corrected using newer porcelain bonding that are customized for each patient ensuring a beautiful, straight, and bright smile.
  • Teeth whitening – sometimes, just a brighter and whiter smile can boost a patient’s confidence and self-perception. Custom-fitted, comfortable, and affordable, our professional grade whitening kits can produce significant results in a short period of time.

As a holistic, natural dentist, Dr. Peter Evans offers a comprehensive consultation to evaluate each patient’s medical history and oral health concerns. Evans Dental Care is conveniently located at 103 Bulifants Boulevard, Williamsburg, VA 23188. Appointments and consultations may be scheduled by calling 757-349-8877.


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