Leading BioCompatible dentist offers mercury-safe dental care for patients in the Peninsula area and 23608

Dr Evans dentist offers mercury-safe dental care

Dr. Peter Evans, at Evans Dental Care, is a nationally-recognized leader in BioCompatible dental care which focuses on the connection between whole body health and oral health. Dedicated to a holistic philosophy, Evans Dental Care uses only the safest and most effective materials and treatments to ensure the long-term physical, mental, and emotional health of our patients.

What is mercury-safe dental care?

We care about our patients, our professional staff, and our community. Mercury, a toxin that can have negative impact on our bodies and in our air, has been used as a key ingredient for years in traditional silver amalgam fillings. At Evans Dental Care, we use only BioCompatible materials in fillings and treatments, however, patients may have traditional fillings from prior dental care. To eliminate the risk of mercury escaping when removing silver amalgam filling, we adhere to the guidelines and protocols established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. These measures include:

  • Shielding the patient from any particles by draping the skin and face
  • Providing oxygen to avoid inhalation of mercury vapors
  • Custom tools and removal techniques prevent inhalation of particles or vapors
  • Consistent water spray and suction during the procedure captures any fragments
  • Fillings are kept intact as much as possible during removal
  • Rinsing and cleansing with a specialized mouthwash removes any traces of mercury
  • Protective coverings keep staff safe
  • Comfortable treatment rooms
  • We have used a custom mercury retrieval system for years, eliminating any risk of mercury absorption into our environment

With mercury accumulation becoming a global concern, Dr. Peter Evans is committed to removing it, under strict protocol, from our patients and preventing it from entering our environment.

Dr. Evans and the warm, caring professional staff at Evans Dental Care understand that any material or treatments related to oral health will impact the overall wellness of our patients. our goal is to help you achieve your optimal outcomes and to look and feel your very best.

Conveniently serving patients from the 23608 area and surrounding Peninsula region, Evans Dental Care is located in Williamsburg at 103 Bulifants Boulevard. Contact us at 757-349-8877 for a free consultation or appointment.


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