Nationally-recognized dentist in Williamsburg offers BioCompatible dental care

Dr Peter Evans offers BioCompatible dental care

What is BioCompatible dental care?

BioCompatible dental care embraces the holistic philosophy that the whole body must work together in optimal condition for overall good health and wellbeing. Physical, mental, and emotional concerns impact our oral health just as conditions occurring in our mouth affect the rest of our body. To ensure the highest functioning of our bodies, we must be aware of the materials and treatments that are used in dental care and eliminate those that can have long-term adverse effects.

Recognized as a leader in the area of BioCompatible dentistry, Dr. Peter Evans, at Evans Dental Care in Williamsburg, Virginia, is an international speaker, author, and coach who provides education and inspiration to dental professionals. As president of The BioCompatible Dentist, it could be said that he “wrote the book” on BioCompatible dentistry (or at least several chapters). Dr. Evans, through The BioCompatible Dentist organization, shares his knowledge, insights, and successes to help other dentists by addressing The Oral Systemic Connection and whole body dentistry.

As a founding member of AAOSH, (American Academy for Oral Systemic Health), Dr. Evans is uniquely qualified to address the interactions that occur within our bodies and recognize the causes and effect of diseases. An educator in every way, Dr. Evans’ holistic approach includes involving his patients throughout each step of their care to enhance their learning about the most effective treatment and maintenance for optimal health. He credits his team with a dedication to not just understanding and treating, but preventing, disease.

Evans Dental Care offers a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Holistic dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
    • At-home teeth whitening
    • Veneers
    • BioCompatible dental bonding
  • Mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry
  • Bioceramic dental implants
  • BioCompatible root canal
  • Extractions
  • BioCompatible crowns
  • Dental bridges

If you are interested in whole body dentistry and holistic care, contact Dr. Peter Evans and the professional, caring staff at Evans Dental Care. The office, located at 103 Bulifants Boulevard, Suite B, in Williamsburg, Virginia, serves the Peninsula area and beyond. A free consultation and appointments may be made by calling 757-349-8877.


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