An alternative to titanium implants from your BioCompatible implants dentist in Williamsburg

alternative to titanium implants from your BioCompatible implants Dr Evans provide

Dental implants have been attempted since ancient times, but not successfully so until the mid-1900s. Since that time, the technology and technique have been refined considerably, making implants the most recommended solution for missing teeth. Traditionally, dental implants are made of titanium, which had been shown to bond with bone tissue. However, given concerns about metal dental materials, many people hesitate to consider implants.

At Evans Dental Care in Williamsburg, we offer BioCompatible, BioCeramic implants, which offer a number of unique benefits:

  • Although titanium allergies are not common, they do exist, making certain individuals ineligible for traditional implants. According to a study published in Neuroendocrinology Letters (a peer-reviewed transdisciplinary Journal), approximately four percent of people may have a titanium allergy. Some research has suggested that overexposure to titanium (via dental implants) may increase a person’s odds of developing an allergy.
  • Titanium is a metal, meaning that it is subject to corrosion and oxidation. When the smooth surface of an implant is compromised, it becomes more difficult to clean, and bacteria may linger. Bio-inert ceramic does not endanger the health of the surrounding gum tissue.
  • A BioCeramic dental implant is a one-piece unit. The traditional titanium design includes a hollow base that is surgically placed, and an abutment that is attached in a later surgery. The multi-piece design can encourage bacteria colonization, which can lead to peri-implant inflammation (a condition similar to gum disease around natural teeth). The solid BioCeramic implant avoids this problem, and it can be placed in a single surgery.
  • Because ceramic is non-conductive of electrical currents, it is more difficult for bacteria to cling to the implant surface.
  • As with other dental applications, BioCeramic is considered the most esthetically pleasing option. Because an implant is covered by the restoration, many people assume it is hidden. However, like teeth, cosmetic restorations have a degree of translucency. This gives them a realistic appearance, but it also means that a dark metal post can give the restoration a dark cast.

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