Cosmetic treatment options for a beautiful, natural smile in Williamsburg

Dr Evans Cosmetic treatment options for a beautiful, natural smile

Your smile is more important than you might realize. You may know that oral health has been shown to have a significant impact on your overall health, and functional problems can affect your quality of life. However, some people underestimate the esthetic value of a great smile. We take just seconds to form a “first impression” upon meeting a stranger, and multiple studies have shown that individuals with attractive smiles are judged more favorably on attributes such as intelligence, successfulness, friendliness, and honesty. As you might expect, these judgments can affect your social life, career, and self-image.

At Evans Dental Care, we offer many different smile enhancement options, all of which are performed with the utmost consideration for your health and safety. In fact, functional and cosmetic restorations are often one in the same because many common issues such as cavities, fractures, and missing teeth are detrimental to both oral health and smile esthetics. We will begin with a thorough examination, and then we will work with you to design a customized treatment plan, tailored to your individual needs. That plan may include:

  • BioCompatible cosmetic fillings – We use a metal-free composite resin, which is colored to match the surrounding tooth enamel perfectly.
  • BioCompatible inlays and onlays – When a cavity is too large for a filling, a custom porcelain inlay or onlay can be created to fit the remaining portion of the tooth, without removing any healthy tooth tissue.
  • BioCompatible dental crowns – Although we use more conservative solutions when possible, in some cases a crown is the only way to save a weak, broken, or severely decayed tooth from extraction.
  • BioCompatible porcelain veneers – When the tooth is essentially healthy, we can avoid making drastic changes to its structure while completely transforming its appearance by adding a thin layer of porcelain over the visible surface.
  • BioCompatible implants – Our dental implants are made of BioCeramic, and placed in a single-stage surgery, rather than the traditional multi-part (multi-surgery) titanium style.
  • BioCompatible teeth whitening – We offer safe, effective teeth whitening solutions without the use of UV or other activation lights.

Let Dr. Evans and his amazing team help you achieve your best, healthiest, most beautiful smile. Please call our Williamsburg office at 757-349-8877 and schedule a consultation today.


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