BioCompatible dentist offers periodontal disease treatment in Williamsburg

Periodontal Disease Treatment Williamsburg, Dr. Peter Evans, Evans Dental Care

Your BioCompatible dentist, Dr. Peter Evans, offers gentle, safe, and modern approaches to periodontal disease treatment in Williamsburg. Advanced gum disease can be avoided with proper intervention, professional cleanings, therapies, and guidance on home care. Advanced damage doesn’t have to mean the loss of a tooth.

Those patients whose natural tooth cannot be restored with treatments such as BioCompatible root canal therapy and BioCompatible crowns can also enjoy an attractive smile with a replacement tooth that is designed to be indistinguishable from a healthy, natural tooth in how it feels and functions.

Inlay bridges

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Evans incorporates conservative techniques and procedures that preserve a maximum amount of natural tooth structure. This bridge is a variation on the standard “inlay,” a dental material shaped to fit inside of the damaged area of the tooth. Patients who are good candidates for inlays may have cavities that are too big to be filled with standard fillings. Inlays are considered a conservative alternative to crowns. Onlays are designed to treat more extensive decay by covering at least one tooth cusp, whereas inlays fit wholly inside and between the cusps of the tooth. The full-coverage crown covers the entire visible tooth structure.

With the conventional approach, a fake tooth attached to adjacent teeth bridges the gap left after a tooth is extracted. Adjacent teeth are crowned to support the pontic or false tooth. These teeth are reduced in size to make room for the crowns. Only a minimal amount of tooth structure is needed to anchor the fake tooth to the inlay bridge. Dr. Evans also uses BioCompatible bioceramic material, Zirconia, which is strong and doesn’t irritate surrounding tissues for the long and healthy life of your tooth.

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