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Williamsburg Bridges - Bridges Although it is the goal of our office to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums, there are circumstances that may lead to the loss of a tooth. At this point, the focus becomes replacement to restore full health to the mouth. When a tooth is missing, the resulting gap has the potential of affecting the appearance of the smile and general oral health. The surrounding teeth are likely to shift in position when there is a gap in the mouth.

There are two commonly used procedures for the restoration of function after a tooth is lost. The dental fixed bridge has long been used in such instances, and is still a viable option today, especially with metal-free technology. The second procedure uses dental implants, which are permanent fixtures inserted into the jawbone and are used today for tooth replacement.

The advent of the metal-free dental bridge brought about great benefit in this treatment, as the severe modification of the teeth adjacent to an empty space is no longer necessary. A tooth can be replaced in a more conservative manner using this method, which is called an inlay bridge.

The inlay dental bridge may be fabricated using Zirconia, a BioCompatible bioceramic material that is also often used in other restorations, such as dental implants or crowns. This ceramic material is extremely strong, providing ample strength to hold up to the pressure of biting and chewing. Zirconia is a material that can give you a strong bite and a naturally beautiful smile.

The process of receiving a metal-free dental bridge is quite simple. The adjacent teeth require only a small amount of preparation, and the resulting restoration is just as strong as a traditional bridge, and even more attractive.

There is no need to live with missing teeth. If you have been reluctant to receive a traditional dental metal bridge, contact us for your non-metal alternative and restore health and beauty to your smile. Call Donna on 757-349-8877.
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Evans Dental care

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__C. Flanders

This is by far the best dental practice I've ever been to. Dr. Evans and his staff are so nice and so knowledgeable. I was looking for a dentist who would practice a more holistic approach, but with the expertise of a traditionally trained technician. With Dr. Evans, I got just what I was looking for! The office is very clean and well-organized. The hygienists and ladies at the front desk are a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.Dentist Williamsburg - Right Quote