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I have had a lot of work done over the years (comes from considering chocolate as a vegetable). Dr. Evans and his team are the absolute best! Quick, caring, professional, and as painless as possible.
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Williamsburg Crowns - Dental Crown The goal of dentistry is to prevent the weakening of the natural tooth structure through ongoing preventative care measures. There are times, however, when the need arises for restorative care. When a filling, inlay, or onlay is not sufficient for the restoration of a tooth damaged by decay or injury, we turn to dental crowns to provide strength, durability and beauty. Dr. Evans approach to dental crowns is metal-free.

Various circumstances may warrant a dental crown, which is a shell that fully covers a damaged tooth. Included are the possible reasons for dental crown treatment:
  • An old metal filling has cracked and failed
  • A tooth has broken
  • Extensive damage has developed from decay
  • A tooth has been lost, and is being replaced with a dental implant
In the past, dental crowns were fabricated solely of metal alloy material. Over time, aesthetics became a concern and dentistry evolved to include a porcelain overlay in metal crowns. The result was a better-looking restoration that held up to the forces of chewing. However, metal crowns can be made of base metals and can leave a dark line where the crown meets the gums. Today, metal-free BioCompatible dentists are able to choose BioCompatible materials for dental crowns, such as ceramic and porcelain. Such materials are safe, effective, and completely natural looking.

Dental crowns are typically fitted over two appointments. In the first visit, the damaged tooth will be treated as necessary. When decay is the cause of damage, all affected areas of the tooth will be gently removed under local anesthetic, and an impression will be taken to serve as a guide in the design of the permanent, metal-free crown. Before leaving our office, the tooth is fitted with a temporary resin crown.

In three to four weeks, the permanent crown is complete and ready for placement. By using metal-free options for dental crowns, Dr. Evans benefits your overall health, and provides well-fitting restorations that function very much like natural teeth in the way they look and feel.

The health and beauty of your smile is important to us. To restore your smile with metal-free alternatives, contact Donna on 757-349-8877 for your consultation today.
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Evans Dental care

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__C. Flanders

This is by far the best dental practice I've ever been to. Dr. Evans and his staff are so nice and so knowledgeable. I was looking for a dentist who would practice a more holistic approach, but with the expertise of a traditionally trained technician. With Dr. Evans, I got just what I was looking for! The office is very clean and well-organized. The hygienists and ladies at the front desk are a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.Dentist Williamsburg - Right Quote