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Dr. Evans of Evans Dental Care is your Williamsburg BioCompatible dentist! Patients seeking the best mercury free dentistry in the area should consider visiting Dr. Evans to better understand the advantages of mercury safe dentistry.

Dr. Evans is well aware of the correlation between silver amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity of the body. Mercury vapors are released when silver amalgam is heated. These vapors are hazardous to those who breathe them in, including both patient and dentist. The team at Evans Dental Care provides the removal of silver amalgam fillings and ensures that it is done to the proper standards and protocols set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. These standards are designed for the safety and protection of staff and patients when vapors are released during the removal of silver fillings.

There are many reasons to support mercury free dentistry and holistic ways of managing dental health. Amalgam used in dental treatments pollutes the environment and endangers the health of those in which it is implanted. It requires significant removal of tooth enamel to place, damaging the structure of natural teeth. It is not necessary thanks to improvements in dental materials and the increased use of composite bonding alternatives. It is not an aesthetic material and can negatively impact a smile while standing out from natural, healthy teeth. It is no longer the only method of addressing tooth decay and should be avoided at all costs.

The team at Evans Dental Care prides themselves in offering BioCompatible dentistry to ensure the health of patients’ smiles and bodies. This natural approach to dentistry is becoming more popular as Williamsburg area residents begin to understand the effect mercury and other non-BioCompatible materials have on the body as a whole. By ensuring patients enjoy quality care free from environmental harm, patients become more aware of how holistic dental practices can benefit them.

If you are interested in BioCompatible dentistry and the removal of silver amalgam fillings from your smile, contact our team today for the best in mercury free dentistry. Our Williamsburg location is close and convenient to families in neighboring communities, and allows everyone the opportunity to receive quality, comprehensive dental care.
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