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Can dental implants improve my health?

Your teeth are important. I don’t need to tell you this. But just how important? Well, when mammals lose their teeth, do you know what happens? They will die! Humans are the only mammals that can fabricate little pink and white plastic bits that can substitute for teeth.

Wearing dentures can reduce life expectancy by 10 years. This is because it’s difficult to have a heart healthy diet.

Implant supported dentures are turning this around. Implant supported dentures are strong and allow you to eat most anything you like.

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Your smile and your healthcare affected

Missing teeth affect your smile, your health and overall wellness. Multiple missing teeth keep you from eating foods you enjoy, and age your appearance. Dr. Peter Evans provides dental bridges and implants – healthy tooth replacement options for patients in the Williamsburg, VA area.

BioCompatible ceramic bridges

A dental bridge replaces missing teeth by connecting the teeth on either side of the space with a new bioceramic tooth. Dr. Evans designs bridges made of high-quality BioCompatible ceramic materials. These units look completely natural and resist stains. They are strong and durable.

Bio-ceramic dental implants

Implants are a versatile option for tooth replacement.

  • Stand-alone – In a precisely planned procedure, a tiny post is placed into jawbone at the site of a missing tooth. Over time, bone fuses with the implant, creating a secure foundation for a dental crown, that helps to avoid deterioration of bone.
  • As part of a bridge – Implants can support a bridge when there are no natural teeth. This option is great for missing back teeth.
  • To support a denture – As few as four dental implants dramatically improve the stability of a denture. The denture is made with special attachment points that snap over implants. As an added benefit, an implant-retained upper denture does not cover the palate. It is lighter and more comfortable, allowing natural temperature and taste sensation.

Bio-ceramic dental implants are metal-free. The strong material is readily integrated into bone for predictable outcomes and a high success rate.Bioceramic implants are natural looking options for tooth replacement.

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This is by far the best dental practice I've ever been to. Dr. Evans and his staff are so nice and so knowledgeable. I was looking for a dentist who would practice a more holistic approach, but with the expertise of a traditionally trained technician. With Dr. Evans, I got just what I was looking for! The office is very clean and well-organized. The hygienists and ladies at the front desk are a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.