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Many of our patients have referred us to their friends and family after visiting us. We would highly value your comments on Dr. Peter S. Evans, MS, DDS, MAGD, Evans Dental Care at one or more of our social media websites.

If currently you are not one of our patients, we welcome you to read the reviews placed by our happy patients on our online profiles below.

Recent patient Reviews

  • Elsa

    ~ Elsa B.

    I am so grateful to the staff of Dr. Evans for excellent dental care for many years now. My overall health has a better future because of their guidance and care.
  • Victoria

    ~ Victoria L.


  • ~ David D.

    A great place to be even though it is not typically a place you want to be! Always a pleasant experience with every staff member. I drive over an hour to get there for all my dental work. I got started with Dr. Evans and his staff several years ago because they practice Holistic Dentistry and know the danger to our health of metal in our mouths and the many health issues related to it. It has always interested me that the product that I have had put in my teeth all my life (silver fillings) reportedly comes in a container marked "Biohazard."

  • ~ Patrick M.

    There is good and then there is excellent. If you want the best this is the one. Unfortunately I have had to see him more than I wanted. But I would not want anyone else for the job. Glad you are there. :-)

  • ~ Holli S.

    Dr Evans and his entire staff are wonderful to work with. I would never go anywhere else!

  • ~ Ashani A.

    I love Dr. Evans and the staff. Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly! I would highly recommend Evans Dental Care!

  • ~ T B

    the best dentist in town, so lucky to find holistic dentist that understands body-teeth connection

  • ~ Tanja B

    the best dentist in town, so lucky to find holistic dentist that understands body-teeth connection

  • ~ Bonnie L.

    Although I live in Newport News and rough the horrible drive to Williamsburg to see Dr. Evans; it's totally worth it! Dr. Evans is the only dentist in the history of dentistry that actually makes me feel relaxed about having a procedure. I have complete confidence that what he recommends is not only needed but will be done in the least toxic manner. Dentistry can be a very toxic business but Dr. Evans understands that he treating the whole person and not just a piece of a person. Having this approach ensures you're getting a healthier procedure and follows a more holistic care regime. I love, love, love Dr. Evans and highly recommend his practice.
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