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Mercury Safe Dentistry

Is Removing Mercury Safe?

If mercury fillings are removed without the proper protocol, the mercury filling material will be splattered all over you. There is a safe protocol that includes oxygen for you to breathe (instead of the mercury vapors), a rubber dam to protect you from swallowing any of the mercury filings fragments, high volume suction and drapes for your clothes.

Dr. Evans office has been mercury safe for 20 years. No mercury fillings have ever been placed in his office, so, it is safe for you.

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Beautiful Alternative

In addition to concerns about mercury, amalgam fillings simply do not look natural. The dark silvery color stands out in your mouth, telling the world you have had a cavity. Dr. Evans uses composite resin filling materials that contain no mercury and are Bisphenol A (BPA)-safe. This material is color-matched to your teeth, for a beautifully restored smile.

The SMART Way To Remove Amalgam

Mercury fillings before and after

Dr. Evans is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The IAOMT provides training in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, which has been utilized at Evans Dental Care for many years.

The protocol is comprehensive, but here are a few important aspects:

  • High-volume air filtration system in treatment room to remove mercury vapor.
  • Special protection for the patient and dental personnel
  • Oxygen is available for the patient during treatment.
  • Rubber dam to keep particles out the patient’s throat.
  • Amalgam is cut into chunks that are gently removed (rather than ground out).
  • A continuous spray of water keeps amalgam cool during removal.
  • High-speed evacuation captures particles and water.
  • An amalgam separator keeps mercury residue out of public wastewater systems.

Mercury-free and mercury-safe techniques are not required by Virginia law. Dr. Evans voluntarily installed necessary equipment and provided staff training. He assumes this responsibility to provide the safest level of dental care possible for his patients.

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