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Metal-Free Care

Are The Metals In My Mouth and The Mercury In My Fillings Safe For Me?

Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain metals. And we usually remove metals from the body … like knife blades and bullets. But dentists have historically placed metals in the body without thinking that this may have an impact on the health of the person.

If you do have a problem with metals, you may not know it because nothing hurts. And you can’t take a dental crown or filling off like a bracelet or a ring if it causes irritation.

And because of that, we don’t use metals in our office. And we are very careful when we remove metals and mercury from the mouth. Not every office has the procedures and equipment to safely remove fillings that contain mercury. We have the procedures in place and the products onsite to minimize mercury exposure to our patients, staff and our local environment.

We use biocompatible materials…always safe for you. If you have any questions, call Donna at 757-349-8877 and let’s talk.

Mercury Free Dentistry

What is the matter with metal?

A significant percentage of the population has metal sensitivity to some extent, yet most dentists never ask or test for it. You can’t take a dental crown off like a bracelet or ring if it causes irritation. You’d probably never associate headaches or neurological problems with dental work. Yet those are only a sample of the potential problems caused by metal in the body.

In addition to toxicity and sensitivity, when metals are mixed in the mouth, they can cause oral galvanism. Metals are electrically active, so combining them in the presence of saliva (an electrolyte) in essence creates a battery in your mouth. This current is randomly conducted by the body, impacting the nervous system. Galvanic stress can manifest as:

  • Jaw tension
  • TMJ disorders
  • Headaches
  • Skin pallor (the result of constricted blood vessels)

Metal does not behave like natural tooth structure. With a dissimilar hardness and density, it expands and contracts in response to temperature at a different rate than teeth. This leads to fractures and breakage.

Attractive alternatives

Various metals have been used for dental restorations for their strength and durability. Historically, metal may have been the only viable option, but that is not true today. Modern composite resins and ceramics, and bioceramic implants serve the same purposes, without the risks. Dr. Evans creates restorations that are metal free, mercury-free, BPA-safe, and blend seamlessly with the appearance of your natural teeth.

New patients are welcome at Evans Dental Care. Our number is 757-349-8877.

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