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Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy by Dr Peter Evans

Dr Evans discusses root therapy and points to make it successful and less painful

Like other medical treatments, root canal therapy can be a highly successful way to save a tooth or this treatment can be fraught with lots of pain and less-than-optimal outcomes. Dr. Evans discusses what accounts for the difference between patients who’ve had pleasant experiences versus those who have had complications. Hint: This is another big reason why it’s important to keep routine appointments and call us at the first sign of trouble. We’re here for you to resolve your pain!
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Root Canal Therapy

A tooth may become infected when bacteria reach the vital pulp through a chip, crack, or hidden area of decay. Root canal treatment is generally the only way to avoid extraction.Dr. Peter Evans, offers a biological alternative to traditional Root Canal therapy.

Root canal basics

An outer layer of pearly tooth enamel covers hard dentin. This strong structure of dentin houses an inner chamber filled with nerves and blood vessels. These nerves and blood vessels run down through the roots of the tooth inside canals and exit the root into the bone that holds the tooth in place. These nerves allow you to feel sensations of pressure and temperature.

When bacteria infect the tooth, the nerve is insulted and becomes inflamed. Infected nerves may have acute symptoms (you wake up with a painfully swollen face) or chronic (a tooth ache over a period of time).

Root canal therapy involves:

  • Removing areas of decay or damage.
  • Removing nerves and pulp.
  • Sanitizing the chamber.
  • Sealing the tooth.
  • Protecting tooth structure with a restoration.

Healthy difference

A traditional dentist uses a material that contains the metal Cadmium, and restorations that may contain metal to treat a root canal tooth.

In some cases, Dr. Evans may recommend extraction to safeguard the patient’s oral and whole-body wellness. It is virtually impossible to eradicate every trace of bacteria in tiny canals, and over time they produce toxins.

However, if the patient wishes to keep the tooth, Dr. Evans performs root canal therapy using BioCompatible techniques and materials. The tooth is sealed with BioCompatible cement, and a bio-ceramic crown is placed.

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