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Tooth-Colored Crowns & Fillings

Are Tooth Colored Fillings Safer Than Amalgams?

Dentistry has come a long way in the past few years. The old amalgams used to be called silver fillings, but, that says more about the color than the content…which is 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin. We now use tooth colored composite resins, porcelains and bioceramics. All biocompatible and safe for you. We also make dental crowns from biocompatible materials. No more base metals like nickel, beryllium and chromium. All of our dental crowns are made of biocompatible materials that are in harmony with your body. We can actually test the material to make sure, too.

Call Donna at 757-349-8877 and let’s talk about your mercury fillings.

No More Metal In Your Mouth

Biocompatible (BPA free) fillings and bioceramic crowns are the standard at Evans Dental Care. We have been using biocompatible materials for 2 decades. You can rest assured they are safe for you.

Composite Tooth Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are not always biocompatible. Just because they are white, doesn’t mean they are biocompatible for you. Dr. Evans restores teeth with biocompatible (BPA free) composite resins that are bonded to your teeth for strength and durability.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

When a tooth has a filling that is 50% of more of the tooth surface, it becomes weaker and may need a crown for protection so you can chew on it with confidence. Some crowns are made with base metals (chromium, nickel) and some porcelains contain aluminum silicates. At Evans Dental Care we use only biocompatible materials in our crowns. They look and feel like real teeth.

BioCompatible crowns:

  • Contain no metal.
  • Are indistinguishable from natural tooth structure.
  • Mimic translucency of tooth enamel.
  • Leave no dark line at the gum.
  • Are stain resistant.
  • Last for many years with good oral hygiene.

Dr. Evans knows everything that goes into your mouth impacts your entire body. He utilizes the safest available dental materials and techniques. He also applies artistry to each procedure for aesthetic outcomes.

Call to become an Evans Dental Center patient, for dentistry that blends function, health, and beauty. Our number is 757-349-8877.

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